Born to Be Wild: Transforming a Plain Motorcycle Trailer into a Work of Art

2 October 2015
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If you have a motorcycle and you enjoy travelling, you may have thought about purchasing an enclosed motorcycle trailer so you can bring your two-wheeled friend along with you on vacations. There are several ways you can decorate your trailer to show others on the road that you are a riding enthusiast. Here are a few fun ways to spruce up a plain motorcycle trailer so it becomes an eye-catching piece on the road.

Attach a Map

Use a projector to enlarge a picture of a map of the United States and direct the image toward your trailer. Trace the outline of the country as well as each of the states within directly onto your motorcycle trailer using black paint. As you travel through a state with your motorcycle, you can color that state in on your map. Try to use several different colors so two adjoining states are not colored the same. Others on the road will be able to check out which areas you have already visited and which are still left on your travelling bucket list.

Show Your Colors

If you belong to a motorcycle club, you may want to show your pride in the group. Paint the emblem of your group directly onto your trailer so others know who you ride with. Make sure you are allowed to duplicate this information, as some clubs have strict rules in place regarding their name and emblem. If you hold rank within the group, sharing this information on your trailer will allow fellow group members from around the United States to show you respect on the road.

Share Some History

Have several photographs taken of you on your motorcycle when you visit a new area. Have these blown up into large laminated panels. Glue the panels directly to the sides of your travel trailer and cover with a heavy-duty polyurethane to seal them in place. People who see your parked trailer will be intrigued and get have a good look at the fun times you have shared with your motorcycle as they walk around the perimeter of your trailer.

Make Some Friends

If you enjoy going to motorcycle rallies, you may want to remember your new fellow rider friends after the events are over. Carry a few small containers of paint with you as you travel. Have each rider paint a small logo or sign that represents them on your trailer using a detail paintbrush. When you get back home, cover the newly painted areas with a sealant to protect them from weathering. You will be able to remember all the people you have met while enjoying your riding hobby.

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