Towing An Airplane: How Oversize Hauling Can Help

22 December 2014
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Usually, airplanes have their own means of towing, but if you own a small biplane, you can use oversize hauling to move it from one end of the country to another. There are several reasons why you might want to move a biplane this way rather than fly it. Oversized item hauling can help with all of those reasons.

The Biplane Is Not Fully Together

If you are restoring a biplane, you probably do not have all the pieces you need in order to fly the plane safely. A typical plane towing does not help because plane tugs are only meant to move a fully constructed plane short distances, not several miles. That is when an oversized item towing service can really help, because it will haul the bulk of the biplane that is together and haul the other pieces you have as well.

The Biplane Is an Artifact for a Museum

When you need to transport a biplane that is an artifact or exhibit piece for a museum, you definitely do not want to take any chances flying it to its destination. Specialized towing services can offer you a very safe alternative for transporting the little plane. A very gentle hydraulic winch system pulls the plane up onto the flatbed hauler and then secures it with canvas tie-downs instead of chains such that your plane is unharmed during transport.

The Biplane Has to Travel Much Further Than Its Gas Tanks Allow

Old biplanes have to stop and refuel frequently. Considering the cost of plane fuel and taking into account the time needed to log a flight plan at every refueling stop, it becomes more expensive to move the plane this way across great distances than it would if you hired an oversized hauling and towing service. In addition, you do not have to travel with the plane and hauling truck or budget for hotels/motels and meals because you can fly on an airliner directly to your destination and your biplane hauler will meet you there.

Whatever the Reason, Towing Services Provide a Less Complicated Option

For whatever reason you would prefer your biplane goes by ground to its destination, these companies that provide heavy hauling and towing services gives you a safer alternative to flying the plane itself. If you want to find a towing and hauling service near you that can help you move your plane, ask around the airport where you keep your biplane. Not all wide-load, heavy haulers are willing to tackle a plane, but your flying friends probably know someone who is. (For more information on oversize hauling, contact a company such as Gallup Oversize Pilot Service)