Perfect Hitch Gifts For Your 5th Wheel Enthusiast

24 February 2015
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If your husband is anything like the average man, he's desperately in love with his fifth wheel hitch. After all, it lets him hook up and haul a wide variety of trailers and campers to his truck. So, if you're stumped for the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for your husband, why not try out one of these fifth wheel hitch gift ideas?

Basic Maintenance

If you have any mechanical skills at all, your husband will love to see you performing a little maintenance on his fifth wheel hitch. These basic maintenance tips can be performed in less than an hour and can help your hitch perform more smoothly.

Basic fifth wheel hitch maintenance includes:

  • Cleaning and re-lubing the hitch
  • Inspecting lube plate for damage
  • Tightening torque on nuts and bolts, if needed
  • Checking emergency brake away cable for damage
  • Testing king pin bolt torque

Even if you don't have any working mechanical knowledge, you can at least foot the inspection and repair bill from your fifth wheel dealer.

Sound Dampeners

Does your husband constantly complain about the loud thumping noise that comes from hauling his fifth wheel? Buy him a set of fifth wheel hitch sound dampeners. These nifty items slide under your hitch and stop it from bouncing noisily up and down as your ride.

Gooseneck Adapter

Fifth wheel hitches are large, bulky objects that often take up most of a truck's bed. You've undoubtedly heard your husband grumble about being unable to haul anything with that big thing attached to his bed. That's why many fifth wheel enthusiasts are turning to gooseneck adapters.

A gooseneck adapter is, basically, a device that allows you to attach your fifth wheel to a vertical ball hitch and frees up the truck bed for hauling. While gooseneck adapters aren't likely to fully replace your husband's fifth wheel hitch, they can be a great alternative when your husband needs to haul heavy items, such as firewood for camping trips.

Storage Box

A fifth wheel hitch storage box is a great way to keep your husband's hitch safe from the elements during the cold winter months. Although fifth wheel storage boxes are available from fifth wheel dealers, any kind of heavy-duty, weather-proof box should do the trick. They can be made out of wood, plastic or even metal.

Now that you have such a wide variety of fifth wheel hitch gift ideas, there's no reason you should struggle to find a gift for your husband. Why not stagger these gifts out throughout the next several years to make your gift-giving life that much easier?

For more information, contact Major Tire & Hitch Inc. or a similar company.