Three Ways To Make Your Business Travel More Green

9 March 2015
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


If your company does a lot of travel for business, it's in your best interest to make those trips more green. You'll improve your public image, help out the environment, and save money in the long term. Here are three tips to get you started.

Cut Back on Air Travel

The best way to reduce your carbon footprint is to cut back on airplane travel, which accounts for a large percentage of most people's emissions and is expected to only increase its contribution to global warming. You can start by sending fewer people to meetings that require airline travel, and reduce the demand for flights.

A better step is to eliminate airline travel altogether. You can use video conferencing, virtual meetings, and remote interviewing software to take the place of many in-person trips. This saves on fuel and travel expenses and gets rid of wasted time traveling.

Optimize Your Automotive Fleet

Having an automotive fleet is a popular feature for many businesses. It attracts top candidates and helps make your company more competitive in recruiting. Company vehicles help eliminate lost work time due to employee car problems, and they are vital for large sales territories that would put too much wear and tear on personal vehicles.

If you have a corporate automotive fleet, you have a great many opportunities to make more eco-friendly changes. First, add hybrid, electric, or compact cars to your fleet. You will make up in fuel savings any additional cost for the vehicles.

If your employees have a self-selection process for fleet cars, encourage them to choose the most green option or better yet, make all the options eco-friendly. This is a good chance to teach employees about maximizing fuel use too, by driving at or under the speed limit on highways, eliminating quick starts and stops, and selecting the proper octane at the pump.

Go Green at Your Travel Destinations

If you must travel for work, try to change out big national meetings for smaller regional ones that can be reached by car. If traveling by air, staying at or near the meeting venue will reduce the need for a rental car. If this isn't possible, encourage renting green vehicles, using public transportation, or walking to events.

You can also take advantage of eco-friendly lodging. There are numerous certification programs now for green hotels. These places use sustainable materials in their construction, buy locally sourced food and merchandise, conserve water, and make strong efforts to recycle.

You want your business to leave a mark, but you don't want your legacy to be a giant carbon footprint. By making your travel more eco-friendly, you can create an inheritance for the planet that has lasting positive effects.