Staying Safe While Waiting For A Tow

26 March 2015
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If you are driving along and get a flat tire, run out of gas, or have a minor accident, you will most likely end up needing to call a towing service to help. A tow truck will quickly come to your aid, but what should you do while you are waiting for them arrive? There are a few ways you can increase your safety, as well as the safety of your vehicle, while waiting for help.

Move Your Vehicle

If your vehicle is not immobile, get it as far off the road, on to the shoulder, as you possible can. Turn on your four-way flashers so oncoming traffic is alerted that there is a vehicle off the side of the road. This will cause traffic to slow down and will decrease the chances that your vehicle will be hit while you are waiting.

Gather Your Belongings

Since your vehicle will soon be taken away, gather all important belongings to bring with you when the tow truck arrives. Make sure to grab your insurance card in case you need to make a claim for any reason. Check for any valuables or spare change that you do not wish to go missing and keep it on your person instead of in the vehicle.

Weigh The Options

If you have broken down in a lighted area with businesses nearby, you might want to wait for your tow inside one of them, where you will be more comfortable and less vulnerable. If you have broken down in a secluded area, however, it would be best to sit inside your vehicle when waiting for the tow truck.

Keep all doors locked and keep your flashers on the entire time you are waiting. Hold onto your phone in case someone tries bothering you so you can make a quick call to authorities. If someone stops to offer help, politely decline and tell them the police and a tow truck are on the way.

If you are very afraid, you can make the call when you first break down so that police are aware that you are there alone. They may send someone to wait with you until a tow truck arrives.

Find Out Information

When you call the towing company (such as Fredericktown Marathon), ask them for the name of the driver they will be sending. Ask for a license plate for the towing vehicle, as well. When the driver arrives, crack your window and ask to see their identification before you get out of the vehicle.