Where to Find Used Car Parts for Cheap

3 June 2015
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


When something breaks in your car, it makes sense to try to fix it yourself with used parts, because auto repairs and new parts can be expensive. If you already know how to repair some things in your car, you can fill in your knowledge with the help of an auto repair manual. But finding the correct used parts is another challenge. Here's a guide to finding used car parts for cheap.

A Non-Working Car You Already Own

Before you haul off your old non-working car to the scrapyard, consider keeping it for spare parts. If you have the space on your property or in your garage, it's wise to keep a spare non-working car if you own another used car that frequently needs parts. Many of the parts that manufacturers make can be used interchangeably in different makes and models. You could scavenge parts from the old non-working car to keep your other used car working for several more years.

Auto Salvage Yard

Auto salvage yards, sometimes called self pull yards, are places that keep old, non-working cars on the premises for the sole purpose of selling the parts. These are mostly vehicles that have been in accidents and were considered damaged beyond repair. Auto salvage yards can be found in locations all across the country. Typically, you can call them and ask about the models of cars they currently have available. You'll need to bring your own tools and know how to remove the part without anyone's assistance. You'll be able to find everything from an ash tray insert, to an armrest, to a complete axle assembly, for pennies on the dollar at what you would pay at a new auto parts store.

Online Dealers

There are independent people who sell used auto parts online as a side business. These may be people who work at metal recycling plants, or who are car collectors or mechanics. They may source auto parts from many different places, and then try to sell them online to make a small profit. The benefit to getting a used auto part from an online dealer is that you can find something that is rare or unique. The con is that you won't be able to inspect it beforehand to ensure it will work in your vehicle. When buying from an online dealer, be sure to review their return policy before purchasing.

Utilizing used car parts for your auto repairs is a great way to save money, as well as gain the satisfaction of taking care of your car repairs yourself. Should you need assistance, talk to a professional like Four-Twenty-Two Auto Wrecking.