Trucking: Staying Healthy on the Road

11 September 2015
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As a long-haul truck driver, you probably love your job. You get to travel the country and meet new people. Your occupation brings you new adventures each day. No matter how exciting your life is, however, you are sitting down for most of it and often eating greasy food. Staying fit while you are on the road is not an easy task, but if you establish a few guidelines, you can improve your health and keep your job.

Fitness Routine

Long-haul truck drivers are more likely to be obese than members of any other profession. You also have a significantly lower life expectancy than the US average. Since you are on the road much of the year, visiting the gym may not be a practical option. However, you can build in some time each day to get exercise. Experts suggest a variety of moves you can do while driving, including deep breathing and tightening and loosening individual muscles while you drive. When you park each night, you can walk around the truck stop for thirty minutes. Doing so will improve your circulation and your oxygen flow and stretch your muscles. Thirty minutes of walking each day will significantly improve your health. If you prefer, you can initially set your goal for one mile a day, or about 35 laps around your truck. 


After a long, hard day on the road, it is easy to duck into the truck stop and order a burger. To stay healthy, though, you need to cut saturated fat and work more fresh foods into your meals, including vegetables and fruits. If possible, keep these healthy choices in a cooler or small refrigerator in your truck so they are on hand when you get hungry. Also, drink plenty of water each day. The recommended amount is eight ounces of water eight times a day. If you do dine out, avoid buffets and watch the serving sizes. Often, the amount served in a restaurant is simply too much food. Keep your portion sizes low by placing your food on a salad plate. When you are on the road day after day, you may feel you "deserve" to eat out. Eating healthy will be harder for you than it is for those in other professions. 

Being a long-haul trucker can be a fulfilling profession. It can also be a really fattening one. Staying fit and healthy when you sit behind the wheel all day is challenging, but if you want to live a long life, you need to make changes starting right now. Conversely, it might be time to check your truck's health. If your semi is on its way out, consider looking at mack trucks for sale, such as at Arrow Truck Sales.